E-Waste -- Mixed Media

Grace & Grandeur -- Mixed Media

Really Kind of Wading -- Digital

Foxgloves -- Mixed Media

Two Hares -- Mixed Media

Album Art -- Digital

My dream side-job is branding & designing album covers.

I love the challenge of listening to something & interpreting it visually.

BINO -- Digital

Following Donald Glover's addition to SOLO as Lando Calrissian,

I wanted to reimagine a few of Childish Gambino's most significant albums, with a Star Wars twist.

If Rappers Didn't Rap -- Digital

It's fun to imagine what these rap icons might do if rap game didn't pan out. Behold Kung-fu teacher Kendrick Lamar,

Schoolboy Q the butcher & court justice Future..


Every new year I like to do a recap in some form of my ten favorite songs from the year. This particular year I designed some

visuals to accompany my playlist.