Mike's Hard Lemonade -- 1999

This summer, Mike's Hard is turning 21 for the first & only time. And what better way to celebrate the big b-day than to take it back to one of the most pivotal years in human history...1999. Flashback to culture defining ephemera such as--but not limited to--frosted tips, annoying pop-ups, Furbys and bling-bling.

While you're at it, don't forget to party like the world is about to end at midnight... literally.

Directed by Kris Mercado.


Following the release of our spots, we transformed mikeshard.com into a pixel paradise, reminiscent of the early days of web. The site was outfitted with crunchy GIFS, old school playlists that could be listened to on a digital CD player, and plenty of pop-ups to go around.