Veterans Community Project -- The Battle Home

180,000 men & women join our Armed Forces annually. 60% of their time in service is spent in a sleeping bag. Sadly, tonight in America, 37,828 combat Veterans will once again rest their head on a sleeping bag, on the streets of our neighborhoods and cities. In an effort to combat Veteran homelessness in our country, Veterans Community Project (VCP) constructs tiny-home villages to shelter, protect & provide mental health services to disenfranchised Veterans.

To raise money & bring awareness to this problem, we built an immersive installation that repurposed the sleeping bags of combat Veterans into bricks.

Each series of bricks on the installation was embedded with scannable stories, reinterpreted and narrated by Veterans who turned their life around at VCP.

In just a few short weeks, The Battle Home has raised thousands for the cause, and will next travel around the country to Denver and New Orleans to continue sharing the goal of this incredible initiative.



Each side was casted in resin with 32 individual sleeping bag bricks to form the left and right walls of The Battle Home. Each wall held 6 QR codes, which linked out to a total of 12 unique stories. People viewing the instillation were guided to scan the bricks, immersing themselves in cinematic adaptations of true stories from Veterans who returned stateside to VCP after serving overseas.